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4 Ways to Prep for the Holidays With Your Loved One

Wednesday, November 22, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
4 Ways to Prep for the Holidays With Your Loved One

Thanksgiving is slowly approaching, which means that not too long from now, we’ll be swept up in the commercial “buzz” and stress the holidays bring! The way we prepare and often forget about the most important thing – family, however, can inflict pain on those we cherish most, especially our senior loved ones.

When we run around busier than ever, buying gifts, preparing countless dishes, and more, our loved ones can become isolated as they may be left out of these preparations. Although being with those you love is what makes the holidays so wonderful, half the fun lies in waiting and preparing for this magical time of year!

Here are Euro-American Connections & Homecare’s four ways to include them and make these next few weeks extra special!


Eat, pray and love

The holidays would not be complete without your favorite holiday family recipes. Don’t forget that many of these recipes have been passed down from generation to generation and that your loved one, however able they are to make their signature recipe, may need help in getting it prepared.


Get the kids in on the fun!

Plan a special “holiday” get-together with your kids and even their friends at your loved one’s home to allow them to help and interact with the kids. You can make homemade ornaments, get gift-wrapping out of the way, bake cookies for the kids’ teachers and so much more! This will bring back so many memories and we’re certain to leave a smile on your loved one’s face.


Make the best of holiday traditions

As much as decorating and shopping for gifts is a normal part of the holidays, the traditions that make the holidays are. From Christmas trees to lighting the menorah, time spent around these symbols of life and love is the most precious. So this year, really make preparing these elements special. For example, make new memories if you’ve never cut down your own Christmas tree, take your loved one and family to a Christmas tree farm before it gets too chilly!


Share old memories and embrace the past.

Help your loved one remember their own favorite holiday memories by walking down memory lane together. Have old holiday photos or holiday cards? Try making a scrapbook together! This will help them focus on the magical holiday spirit and joy they experienced over the years, and help them move past their worries.

As you gear up for the holiday season, make sure you prioritize time spent with your loved one. However, be mindful and give them time if they’d rather be alone at times. Above all, your loved one will surely appreciate each and every moment you spend together with the family, and hopefully, these ideas will help you make lasting memories and new family traditions!



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