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5 Apps to Help Calm Your Anxiety and De-Stress!

5 Apps to Help Calm Your Anxiety and De-Stress! featured image

Caregivers face countless challenges each and every day that take a toll on your body physically and mentally. Besides getting enough sleep at night, getting exercise, following a healthy diet, and spending time with your own family friends, don’t forget to dedicate at least half an hour each day to track and take care of your emotional health.

Check out five of our favorite apps to prepare yourself for a fall season full of positivity and mindfulness!


This app is all about transporting you to another world through relaxing soundtracks of nature sounds and more! Escape to a tropical rainforest in the Amazon…lose yourself on a sunny beach in the Caribbean, and so much more! The app also allows you to set an alarm for yourself to schedule 10 minutes of guided meditation sessions for yourself throughout the day – genius, right?


Ever wondered about how you can treat your anxiety of flying, trouble sleeping, or trying new things like starting a new job? Headspace caters to thousands of users that may need more specific meditation routines to treat these and other sources of stress.

Stop, Breathe & Think

Ever had someone told you to count to ten when you were stressed? Or to breathe in and out, in and out… well, this app doubles as that friend, as well as a partner in meditation every day of the week! When you first open the app, it checks in with you and asks how you are feeling and how much stress or tension you may be experiencing, and then recommends activities to help you cope with it, like taking a walk while listening to music, or doing a session of yoga.

Simple Habit

Ever wondered if breathing deeply could actually help your body relieve itself of stress? This app schedules quick, five-minute sessions with different teachers to do things like track your breathing pattern and so much more to help you set aside each day to learn new things about the types of meditations out there.

Smiling Mind

This app begins your sessions each day based on how you rate your level of happiness. You can work through a few scales to adjust your happiness, content, and alertness, after which you receive custom meditation routines and exercises. After each, you can readjust your levels to track which routines worked the best for you, and even allows you to curate your program based on where you are, whether it be the gym, at work or in the comfort of your own home.


Besides using your phone, do you use any other technology to help you fight off stress? Comment below!



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