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Rethinking Senior Driver Safety

Thursday, September 7, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Despite popular belief, more seniors are out on the road now more than ever. In fact, more than 3.5 million Americans who are 85 or older still have a driver’s license!  Although we should do our best not to discriminate, there are many risks involved when seniors choose to drive due to the changes we go through as we age, such as loss of vision, hearing impairment, and countless chronic health conditions, both physical and mental.

As we grow older, the risks of getting into an accident on the road can be prevented the sooner we choose to re-evaluate our ability to drive and make sure that we are up to speed with the latest regulations included in today’s driving tests at the DMV. Read up on the safe driving programs below created especially for older adults and seniors 65 and older to learn more!



There’s nothing like the freedom one may feel when out on the road, which is why Carfit introduced a new way to make sure more Americans can hold onto this freedom for as long as possible. This program was created in collaboration with the AAA, AARP, and Occupational Therapy Association to help seniors maintain vision while driving. The program goes through various steps, from training on finding the proper seat height, checking mirror adjustments, finding the correct distance from the pedal to the steering wheel, as well as how to identify the safest lanes to drive on. Check out the program’s website when you have a chance to learn more and find a training event near you!


AARP Driver Program

It’s never too late to go back to driving school…especially when it could potentially save your life! The AARP continuing driver-ed program operates in thousands of locations nationwide as well as online. The safety courses run from four to eight hours depending on the curriculum and cover everything from basic driving skills to state regulations that may have changed significantly since you first got behind the wheel. While these programs listed above do not guarantee that any participant will be less likely to get into a major accident, the classes, combined with the will to improve one’s driving skills, are the perfect way to stay confident and of course, safe on the road as you age!



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