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Medication Management Done Right

Many recent reports have shown that seniors are in fact taking or being prescribed far too many medications than necessary. From visits with multiple doctors to dealing with a variety of health concerns, there are many different factors that leave older adults and seniors managing close to over twenty prescriptions per year.

Although the amount of prescriptions anyone should or can be taking is another issue in itself, another danger lies in the way that seniors manage the number of pills and vitamins each day. If your loved one has proper in-home care or is still living on their own, be sure to read up on the tips below from a recent Consumer Report to help revamp the way they organize their most necessary medications.

  1. Have your loved one’s medication organized by your doctor, and be sure to keep a calendar in a safe place detailing which and how many medications your loved one will need when it’s time for a refill. Here you will find easy and colorful calendars to print.
  2. While you or your loved one may already have one, purchase a daily pill organizer with two rows…one for daytime and one for nighttime.

3) Another great tip is to ask for a “blister pack” at your local big name pharmacy. These are small packs of that are most commonly used when a patient needs to take several medications at once, or at a specific time of day or week in addition to their regular routine. It’s very helpful if you must take more than five medications in total to avoid misuse.

4) The PillPack is another great resource to look into if you or your loved one are prescribed multiple medications. It is a registry that fills your prescriptions into blister packs (like the ones mentioned above) and ships to anywhere in the country except Hawaii. The best part about the system is that given the blister pack, you’ll never need to deal with what seems like a million pill bottles ever again.


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