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Top Five Vitamins and Supplements for Senior Health

Top Five Vitamins and Supplements for Senior Health | Homecare4U

Vitamins and minerals are what our bodies need to function properly. Starting from our cells, these little proteins and acids help the most important systems in our bodies function, like our digestive system and nervous system, and helps pump blood to and from our heart, among so many others.

As you age, however, you are much susceptible to bone loss, and key proteins that cause our hair to gray and skin to loosen up.

To make sure you are boosting your proper diet and exercise routine, here are a few vitamins and minerals you will need to stay strong, energized, and of course, looking and feeling amazing.


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1) The Perfect Multivitamin

This might sound obvious, but finding the right multivitamin for your age is as important as drinking water each day. Try talking to your doctor about a multivitamin that since not all of them are the same. The most popular vitamins out there come in gummy form that is pretty tasty but don’t forget that you must limit your intake of a multivitamin – especially if you are taking other medications and supplements as it could do damage to your body.


2) Vitamin E

Speaking of feeling and looking good, Vitamin E is a key vitamin that you can find in skincare products. But putting on some lotion with Vitamin A and E is definitely not the way to get the right amount you need each day. Did you know that Vitamin E does much more than just protect your skin? It is actually a very important antioxidant that shields you against free radicals. Free radicals are what is formed once the foods we eat convert to energy…and not all of that energy is great for our body.


3) Calcium, Calcium, Calcium

We’ve all heard about calcium being key to keeping up great bone health, but did you know that it is arguably the most important vitamin that you should begin taking even before your senior years? Calcium is one of the building blocks of your bone, and tends to disappear slowly as you age, leading to osteoporosis and also osteomalacia. The weaker your bones, the more prone you will be to fragility fractures that could cause serious medical issues like a broken hip or knee, and also an accident that might cost you your life. Thankfully there are more and more calcium and Vitamin D vitamins and supplements out there that are coming out in the market that also includes collagen, which is great for joint health as well.


4) Iron Up!

You may have wondered what helps your blood keep circulating around your body at one point in your life – and that’s all thanks to iron! Iron is a key mineral found in your red blood cells. Ever taken an iron supplement and felt a sudden boost of energy right after? This is because a lack of iron can leave you feeling weak, lethargic, and lacking in energy. People who are iron deficient often find that the right supplement can make all the difference, but make sure to tell your doctor about any odd and recurring symptoms because it may point to anemia.


5) Vitamin C Please!

Last but not least, one of the most important and perhaps obvious vitamins and supplements you should take each day is vitamin C. Known for protecting our immune systems from colds, Vitamin C is actually very needed by your skin and connective tissues. Many of the leading skincare products contain Vitamin C to help brighten and firm the skin, but make sure you are taking extra Vitamin C when you aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables in the colder months because you may not be getting enough.

Have any other go-to vitamins or supplements you’ve found are great things for you or your loved one’s health and energy? Let us know by commenting below and feel free to tag any favorite brands below.


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