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5 Ways to Incorporate Music to Your Caregiver Routine

Monday, June 12, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Ways to Incorporate Music to Your Caregiver Routine | Euro-American Connections & Homecare

There is nothing better than discovering that song you once loved listening to as a teenager, or even child! Imagine how your client may feel when they listen to an old Elvis song that was the song played during their first dance at their wedding? Music is an essential part of our lives, but did you know how much it can do for you overall brain health and soul?

Here are some of our top tips for making the most of your favorite songs – and most importantly, your client’s! Caregiving is a big responsibility, but it’s also an amazing opportunity for you to incorporate the music you love into your caregiver routine.

1 – There’s no doubt that one of the easiest ways to get nostalgic and thinking about the past is through listening to music. Whether you’re tuning into, music is actually a wonderful way to help clients with Alzheimer’s connect as a form of memory care as a certain song may remind them of a person, and the most specific memory a photograph or name mention may not.


2 – Did you know that music also has the power to relax and soothe your mind, especially after a long day at work? Studies have also shown that singing, (yes, even if only in the shower), can help relieve stress much quicker than a hot bath or calming tea. Our tip? Make sure you have a pair of headphones to tune into your favorite music, or have a radio at the ready at home anytime you have some time to yourself. If you can, try introducing this “music therapy” to your client as well!

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3 – In addition to stress relief, music has an amazing way to uplift anyone’s mood, haven’t you noticed? Whether it’s an upbeat track that you’ve loved for years or a new hit that you just heard yesterday that you’ve become addicted to, music can help caregivers especially find the good in any bad situation. Our tip? If you’re feeling down about an assignment or simply had a bad day, try going to bed and waking up after listening to your favorite tunes. This might help you reevaluate any tricky situation you may in, inspire you to fight through it, brighten your day instantly.



4 – While you can listen to music anytime nowadays, try incorporating it into a “brainstorming” assignment for you and your caregiver whenever you watch a TV show or movie. Some classic movies have beautiful soundtracks that help connect the emotions actors are feeling to help the audience relate to them. This is one of the reasons why some movies can give you chills. Our tip? The next time you’re watching a movie, close your eyes together and imagine yourself as a character in the film. What are they feeling? What might be happening? What could happen next? This is just one way to help music guide you through a really inspiring thinking session.


5 – And last but not least, what’s a party without some great music? The next time you’d like to get moving with your client, rather than taking your usual stroll through the neighborhood or using some hand weights, crank up the radio and get dancing! Try using your phone and stream any song they would like from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s 80’s – the sky is the limit! Our tip? Try downloading Pandora or Spotify to keep up with any genre and style you like!


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