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4 Foods That Lead to Alzheimer’s

Monday, May 29, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Since we are born, what we eat every day dictates how our bodies will develop, grow and eventually – age. Think of your diet as a roadmap – the earlier you start paying attention to the foods you eat and the nutritional value of these foods, the less of a chance you’ll have to develop serious illnesses down the road. While some foods are fine in moderation ,there are plenty of there that have been linked to memory loss and the eventual development of  Alzheimer’s Disease. According to Alzheimer’, the foods that seem “wholesome”, like white bread and various types of protein, are not too good for you, especially if you’re eating most of them each day.Try making some changes to your diet if you can, and remember, the more vegetables and fruits you eat the better! Here are some foods to avoid and what you can do to keep your diet as clean as possible.


Deli Meat

Most deli meats, while very tasty, have an incredible amount of salt, chemicals and additives to make it last long in your fridge while maintaining good flavor. If you are a meat lover – go organic. Buy from local delis that get their meats from local farms and try your best not to buy pre-packaged slices that will taste fine but build up plaques and damage your brain over time. The best way to avoid falling into the trap of buying deli meats for your sandwiches and snacks is to boil and cook your own chicken, pork and other meats at home.



Cheese is arguably the number-one food in America. From flavored cheese snacks, to heavy cheese sauces and toppings in everything from pastas to even salads, it’s a definite staple in the American diet. But did you know that the dairy section in your supermarket has many unhealthy cheese options that may not contain any dairy or protein at all? Cheese can be a wonderful snack but make sure you stick to low calorie options like feta, string cheese from 100% mozzarella and cottage cheese.


Processed Grains

Pizza, bread, rice – all of these foods and more are delicious – we know. If you have an Italian background or Hispanic roots, rice and pastas are a staple in your diet. Tip? Try to stick to one starch or carbohydrate per day. If you are eating a meal with rice or pasta make sure it is quality – making sure you’re shopping for organic, (sometimes gluten-free), locally made breads and wheat-based products.



Microwave Popcorn

The microwave is a very convenient tool, but it’s best if you avoid using it every day. Did you know that when you microwave popcorn, it builds up the chemical diacteyl in the kernels, which has been proven to build up as plaque in the brain- harming the center where your memories are stored? Just think about the butter in each pack. It is processed and made to last a long time in the pack. Remember that the longer the food can sit out or in your pantry, the more likely it is very bad for your body.

Overall, the food you eat should be fuel for your body, but it is so important to pay attention to the ingredients and places you buy your food to avoid long term damage to your heart, your stomach and most importantly – your brain!


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