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3 Caregiver Hacks To Add to Your Daily Routine

3 Caregiver Hacks To Add to Your Daily Routine | Euro-American Homecare


If you are a live-in caregiver, part of the job-description is to assist your client with cleaning a little bit every day. Here’s a hack that both you and your client will love! Keep a cleaning caddy with your own supplies in your car in case your client needs to freshen up their home. Keep all-purpose cleaner like Windex, Lysol wipes and even baking soda (great for cleaning up oil spills) ready in case you need to freshen up any area of your client’s home.

Mini hack: Microfiber towels pick up lots of dust and particles that a normal duster might brush away into the air, and spreading dirt around where it should be. Try dampening a microfiber towel to clean forgotten nooks and crannies like crown molding near the floor that pick up a lot of dust and dirt over time!

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Organize, Plan, Repeat

If you work with a large caseload of clients each day, making sure you’re keeping track of everything you need to take care of each day takes a good hack 🙂 But don’t forget that there are plenty of apps and websites that can help you make life a little easier. Try downloading apps like Reqall and Evernote, or, use the reminder settings in your phone to set up alerts from when you’d like to give your clients a call to check in, which groceries you’ll need which week, and much more!

Mini hack: If you have an iPhone, use your Reminders app and create different lists for each client to organize yourself, and a personal list for yourself! This way you won’t need to worry about prioritizing. Keeping on top of your clients’ needs and preferences will save you a lot of stress and in the future.

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Hydrate Smarter  

If you’re a caregiver, you’re very used to living an active lifestyle. But are you doing enough to keep your engine running? One of the first reasons your body tires when you’re on the run is because you aren’t getting enough h2o into your system. First tip? Always have a BPA-free water bottle on hand that you can refill on the go. Next, try adding fruits and vegetables like lemon, cucumber, strawberries and many more to infuse your water with nutrients.

Mini hack: Lemon and cucumber-infused water is the best way to both detoxify and replenish the body with antioxidants and Vitamin C for extra clarity, and work as a team to boost your metabolism throughout the day.

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