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10 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem As You Age

Thursday, May 11, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
10 Ways to Improve Self-Esteem As You Age | Euro-American Homecare

Aging brings about many changes. Your body changes. Your hair might get a little gray – but besides the inevitable, your outlook on life changes – not to mention the people around you.

Improve self-esteem

The first step to aging starts with admitting to yourself that you are wiser, stronger and much more powerful than you ever were! The way you think about what aging means is the key to setting yourself up for aging gracefully and with a positive attitude. Here are 10 easy ways to take on aging with the wind at your back and a hopeful heart to improve self-esteem as you age.

  1. Treat yourself to “me” time, and make it a routine to pamper yourself each week. 
  2. Invest your time in fostering meaningful friendships. 
  3. Pick an exercise routine and stick to it – the earlier you begin, the better you will feel. 
  4. Look back on the good old days to inspire you to create fun new memories in the future 
  5. Update your wardrobe- and don’t be afraid of trying out the latest fashion trends! 
  6. Say yes more: you’d be surprised how many opportunities we miss out on throughout life because of fear.
  7. Go out more to meet new people and try new things while you are still independent
  8. Join a senior community at your local gym, community center or to get involved in community service activities and lend a helping hand 
  9. Make every negative situation or roadblock a learning experience … you have so much experience under your belt already, but remember that you are a lifelong learner meant to grow! 
  10. Spread positivity wherever you go! If you believe in karma, the more good you put out into the universe the more will return- and the better you’ll feel!

The way our bodies change as we grow older is the most obvious sign of aging. But the next time you’re worrying about that next wrinkle, take some time to think about what you have gained because of that wrinkle. You have lived through so many beautiful memories and experiences, seen so many places, and met so many people that have made you laugh. From this point on, let that wrinkle remind you of the good times, and inspire you to seek out even more. 🙂


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