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3 Relaxing Yoga Routines for Seniors

3 Relaxing Yoga Routines for Seniors | Euro-American Homecare

Yoga is one of the easiest ways to mix up your workout routine – especially as an exercise for seniors!

If you are a fan of long walks, occasional jogs, swimming, that’s wonderful! These are generally low-impact workouts that won’t leave you sore and prone to injury. However, as much as exercise and physical activity is important, it is equally important to the time to meditate and slow things down. The next time you’re in need of an escape, try some of these yoga routines for seniors!

The key ingredient in doing yoga well is making sure you relax and breathe deeply. Many of us forget to take the time to slow down and pay attention to our heart rate. Just like a warm cup of tea calms you down before bed, these yoga routines for seniors can calm the body and the mind to help you get a good night’s sleep. Once you start incorporating only 15 minutes of yoga into your daily routine, you’ll develop stronger muscles and bones, and notice an overall increase in energy, too.

These yoga routines for seniors especially help with regenerating the body in ways that a long workout at the gym couldn’t do in quite the same way. When you relax the body, you can control the way you breathe, the way you think, and the way you can balance yourself to regain control over your muscles. Try the video below to regain power over your body. Remember, it’s not a race, so especially when learning something new, take things step by step and soon enough- you’ll be a master of your own body and mind again.


Senior yoga routines especially provide older adults with a great relief for back pain! The next time you’re feeling lower back pain try this video. It will soothe your cramping sensations and diminish the shooting pain you might be experiencing by working out the the tiniest muscles and tendons in your lower back that need some extra TLC. As much as your medications or therapies may help in temporarily relieving the pain, the more often you try to stretch out your back the sooner the pain may go away for good!



As you start to incorporate yoga into your daily routine, start following this video series by the Mat Project for a full workout designed for older adults and seniors! There are plenty of senior yoga routines out there that will allow you to switch up your routine from time to time, and hopefully will get you motivated to try something new when each and every day!




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