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Senior Dating 101 (Infographic)

Friday, February 10, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Senior Dating 101 (Infographic) | Euro-American Homecare

Unlike what the usual chick flicks and romantic comedy movies we often see, Valentine’s Day is not only for the young adults with their hearts broken, nor the married couple trying to ignite their spark again.

Valentine’s Day is for everyone! And it’s not only for young couples, newly weds or long-time lovers. As the calendar marks the 14th of February, senior couples also prepare and put their best foot forward as they spend this day with their loved one.

This season is also perfect for those who loved and lost, and are looking for new chances with cupid again. Some widows and widowers also anticipate this event for them to spend and celebrate it getting to know someone new in their lives.

Although sometimes stress, health and other reasons make it hard for them to sit down on a candle-lit dinner, couples over 50 can still enjoy a romantic evening (or day) together with these senior dating ideas and tips:

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