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Introducing Cash-Back for Our Caregivers!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Cash-Back for Caregivers

Imagine a world where you can take your receipt, and instead of just tossing it, get a significant portion of the money you just spent back into your pocket. To be specific – 10% Cashback

Let’s take a look at your spending situation at the moment.

Many of our clients and caregivers, for example, shop daily for their families, for their loved ones and for themselves on a daily basis. They spend money on the basics like groceries and gas, and then visit area restaurants. A lot of effort goes into making sure that your loved one is well fed, well taken care of and ready for anything that may come their way.

But of course, these costs of living represent a lot of money, and leave you with a lot of receipts. Think back to the last time you were asked if you wanted your receipt, and said, “Oh, no thank you.” Or that last receipt that was so long that it touched the floor. (Perhaps that one from the grocery store, remember?).

Thanks to an exciting new partnership, we have found a way of giving Cash-Back for Caregivers and clients! 10% cash-back on groceries, gas, and local restaurant purchases – even online purchases from Walmart or Amazon!

Here’s how the Cash-Back for Caregivers works:

1) Download the smartphone app. (iPhone or android)

2) Make your purchases – Use any credit card, debit card, or pay cash.

3) Use the phone app to snap the receipt and fill in 3 quick info fields…

4) Submit your receipts and get 10% cash back on groceries, gas and restaurants!

Once a month, you get a cash back check! Simple!

Thanks to the amazing “Cashback Bunch,” both our clients and caregivers will be able to benefit from some extra spending money in the future, and even get extra benefits for referring their friends and family to the service. Certain guidelines apply… Visit their website to be part of this Cash-Back for Caregivers program!



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