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The Benefits of Transitioning to Natural Medicine: An Interview with Dr. Ann Aresco, ND

Tuesday, January 10, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare


As we age, a lot of things start to “add up”.

Memories, life-changing experiences, some gray hair and of course – health issues. Unfortunately, in many cases, so does the number of pills we get prescribed.

Dr. Ann Aresco, a naturopathic physician atProNatural Physicians Group, says that this is one of the biggest concerns among older adults and seniors. She consults with patients on the best ways to naturally maintain their health and wellbeing without depending on the many pills we get stuck with.

According to Dr. Aresco, the single biggest mistake people make when seeking medical help is relying on prescriptions from a medical doctor, rather than seeking natural remedies and supplements that could solve their problem.

 “Their job is to prescribe medications, but if people were aware of other options and what they could help them with, they could rely on less pills in the long run,” says Dr. Aresco.

Here is some of her advice on making a healthy transition to natural medicine.

How can meeting with a naturopathic physician help me decrease the number of pills I have to take?

Taking too many prescription drugs poses a serious health risk aside from the side effects. Some patients get prescribed different medications from different specialists, which can lead to a lack of communication and serious complications depending on the type and strength of the dosage. Some patients don’t even realize that the first of the nine pills they take daily is meant to treat the side effects of the second of third pill.

Dr. Aresco consults with her patients about their diet, their daily routine, and most importantly their health concerns the types of medication they are on. Her goal is to take as many patients off certain medications and introduce them to alternative ways to fight chronic pain, digestive issues and promote healthy bones and muscles. She stresses that more often than not, she sees so many patients that look to medical doctors before looking for healthier, more natural alternatives.

Her tip? Always look to natural ways to treat your condition before turning to traditional medicine.

What is the first step to improving my health, naturally?

The single most important thing that one should pay attention to, whether they cook for themselves or others, is their nutrition.

Dr. Aresco recommends sticking to a natural diet of whole foods, mainly fruits, vegetables and plant foods that haven’t been processed or chemically stripped of their nutrients. Refined foods are by far the biggest culprit behind most diseases and illnesses that develop as we age because of the amount of sugar and additives they contain.

Older patients in particular may not recognize the types of foods or shakes they enjoy on a daily basis may be harming their digestive system, which affects every system in our body. In addition, such patients that are recovering from surgeries or hospital treatments are often given over the counter shakes which offer zero nutritional benefits- so don’t be deceived! Dr. Aresco recommends finding shakes at Whole Foods that are both organic and contain no artificial proteins and excessive sugar.

How else can I benefit from naturopathic medicine and treatments?

By consulting with natural physicians such as Dr. Aresco, you can learn about otheralternatives such as acupuncture and orthopedic massage. You’d be surprised at how just a few visits could improve and even eliminate your most bothersome health issues. In addition, keeping up with an exercise routine and incorporating low-impact moves after a surgery or medical treatment such as yoga will promote not only physical, but mental flexibility, strength and recovery.

Dr. Aresco also regularly prescribes her patients with supplements to boost their immune system which is the root of many health issues among older adults. Since they are stronger than most over the counter supplements, Dr. Aresco recommends taking only the supplements you need in addition to following a healthy diet that offers you the most vitamins and nutrients. She recommends you take a multivitamin and fish oil daily in addition to any other supplements that such as problems with digestion, cholesterol, hypertension and osteopenia.

Given the growing amount of fraudulent supplements online, Dr. Aresco advises that you look to a naturopathic physician to find the most trusted supplements, shakes and vitamins. You can find a great variety at:

Ann Aresco, N.D is a naturopathic physician at ProNatural Physicians Group, and specializes in naturopathic medicine and treatment with her team of medical practitioners, counselors, massage therapists and chiropractors.

 Visit their website at for more information and give Dr. Aresco a call at (860) 829-0707 today to schedule an appointment. 


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