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5 Out of The Box Group Activities for Seniors

Thursday, January 26, 2017 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Out of The Box Group Activities for Seniors | Euro-American Homecare

But besides going out shopping or having friends and family over, we are big fans of caregivers or family members that think outside the box when it comes to organizing unique excursions for their loved ones. There are so many types of different group activities for seniors we could think of, but here are some of our favorites. The next time you’re planning a trip, check out our list of group activities for seniors to make it their most memorable one yet!


Who would ever say no to getting away for a relaxing weekend filled with healing bath session, massages, facials and countless other spa treatments? This group activity for seniors that will leave you in the ultimate “zen” state of mind. Thankfully, New England is home to countless beautiful hotels that offer spa treatments from all over the world. We definitely recommend taking a weekend off and visiting one of these retreats:

Get in touch with your creative side!

senior paint party

Act now and reserve your seat at Muse Paint Bar, which offers painting classes and wine tastings at their fabulous location in West Hartford. They may even offer special group activities for seniors!

Sawmill Pottery in Putman offers group or individual pottery classes, after which you can take your creations home!

Take a bus tour!

bus tour with seniors

Many community centers in Connecticut organize day-trips to New York City and Boston for sports events, Broadway shows and more! Check out Silver Mills Tours for bus trips for older adults and seniors all around New England! Some upcoming events include trips to Quebec for their Winter Carnival, Food Tours of Little Italy in the Bronx, and UCONN Men’s Basketball games.

Hollywood Movie Night

seniors watching a movie

Invite everyone over (don’t forget the neighbors) for the ultimate group activity for seniors at a nearby movie theater or even their own home! Prepare some of their favorite movies, snacks and get everyone settled for a classic movie marathon featuring films like Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sunset Boulevard and some Hitchcock favorites.

Don’t forget to get them Red-Carpet ready!

Local Theater

seniors at a play

If you or your loved one ever used to perform or sing in your school plays or community theaters, don’t miss out on your local high schools’ upcoming plays or musicals featuring your town’s top budding talent! Most of these shows have discounted tickets for seniors and matinees. What’s better is that like many of these group activities for seniors, your loved ones will surely enjoy a night out, while re-living their days of rehearsals and opening nights on stage.


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