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Fun Photoshoot Ideas for Seniors!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Whatever the reason, and no matter the occasion, invest some time in setting up a memorable photoshoot with your family and loved ones that you’ll be able to enjoy and treasure for years to come. Here are some original ideas for a senior photoshoot that your entire family can help organize, or for older adults to get creative with their friends! So the next time you’re out of ideas and looking for something fun to do together, dress up, grab your camera and head out for a spontaneous road trip with your loved one for a senior photoshoot!

Best Friends Forever 


Now, this photo is #BFFgoals! The quirky quartet took the opportunity to pose for photos during a spontaneous stroll through a park. Their photos quickly went viral after the photographer posted their trendy senior photoshoot online. So, if you ever get bored of meeting with friends over coffee every week, decide to dress up together, visit a park or bustling city center, and snapping some photos as a group. Who said that selfies are off-limits for seniors and older adults?

Check out Mashable for more photos from the adorable shoot.

The multi-generation family portrait 


We can’t get enough of Miranda Kerr’s stunning family photo featuring her mother Therese and grandmother Ann in the Australian Women’s Weekly magazine! Try getting as many women (or men) in your family, from the oldest to the youngest generations together for the perfect photo to celebrate a birthday, anniversary and especially Mother’s or Father’s Day.

The casual family portrait 


Cuteness overload! If you’d rather loose and have some fun with your loved one, here’s a great way to share your mutual love for sleep and comfy pillows in this senior photoshoot idea. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with your closest, especially around the holidays when everyone is reunited again- so here’s some inspiration to capture the precious moment.

You could even try this with your loved one’s best friends! At their next get together, propose this fun idea for a senior photoshoot!

The “Golden Age”-themed photoshoot



Residents at the Contilia Retirement Group in Essen, Germany channeled their favorite movie stars and celebrities in a special, Hollywood-themed holiday calendar! What an idea! This is certainly one of the most memorable activities for older adults and the most clever photoshoot ideas for seniors we’ve found.

See more photos on

The “Now & Then” Anniversary Photo


This couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with this touching tribute to their wedding day. Anniversary photoshoots are one of the most popular ideas for a senior photoshoot. The next time your loved ones are celebrating a major anniversary, help them choose their favorite wedding photo like this one to get them inspired. You could even suggest that they dress and pose exactly like in the old photo for a heartwarming “throwback” to their special day.

A Day in the Life Photoshoot



Images: WEIBO

Check out this senior couple that looks like they came straight out of a lifestyle magazine! The lucky couple from China celebrated their 64th Anniversary with a photoshoot while doing some of their favorite activities together. What’s even cuter is that suits the man wore during the photoshoot were all made by his wife- who is a seamstress!

Click here to see more of this unique senior photoshoot idea!


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