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5 Ways to Get Vitamin C

Thursday, December 22, 2016 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Ways to Get Vitamin C | Euro-American Homecare

orange juice

So what exactly does Vitamin C do for the body?

Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid, is the vitamin responsible for promoting the growth and repair of tissue in the body. It is one of the key ingredients our bodies need to produce collagen, a protein that makes up our skin, ligaments, tendons, blood vessels and cartilage. Naturally, the more vitamin C we consume, the better our body works to heal wounds, repair damaged tissue and keep our skin, bones and teeth strong and healthy. Here are some Vitamin C-rich foods to make a part of your eating habits – especially as the winter season approaches.

According to recent studies…

First off, it’s no wonder that Vitamin C protects the immune system. Ever hear of the “superdrink” Emergen-C, a small flavored packet of 1,000 mg of Vitamin C infused powder that you can mix with water? It has become quite a popular eating habit to say the least.

Despite popular belief however, Vitamin C does not prevent or stop the common cold or flu symptoms we see. Rather, Vitamin C gives us an immune boost that allows the body to fight off these viruses and bacteria. It is one of the top antioxidants that helps our body fight off even more serious diseases and cancers.

Vitamin C also promotes healthy blood flow, and has been said to protect against the development of heart disease and stroke. Vitamin C is also one of the most important vitamins that maintains eye health and glowing skin, which is one of reasons why many skincare lines have been producing Vitamin C-rich moisturizers, serums and treatments.

Thought that the only way you could get Vitamin C was by drinking a glass of orange juice every day? Well think again! You need at least 80 mg of Vitamin C each day, and luckily, there are countless delicious fruits and vegetables to add to your eating habits that you may not have realized boast high levels of Vitamin C.

1)      Red bell peppers

red bell pepper

Fiber, protein, antioxidants and countless vitamins and minerals make red bell peppers one of the most nutritiously rich Vitamin-C food.

Best way to enjoy? While some people may enjoy raw, sliced red bell peppers with a tasty dip, they are also amazing in stews and other dishes you can serve straight from your Crock-Pot.

2)      Kale


Also rich in Vitamins A and K, kale has been known for being a super-food for thousands of years. If you are a fan of kale’s relatives- cabbage, Brussel sprouts and collards, you’ll be sure to love this Vitamin C-rich member of the family.

Best way to enjoy? Try making a kale, chive and egg omelet. Add some red bell peppers while you’re at it! You can even bake your own kale chips with some salt and olive oil in your oven.

3)      Broccoli


Did you know that there are multiple varieties of broccoli? While the most popular, dark green version is the most commonly consumed type in the United States, you could find broccoli in all the colors of the rainbow. Broccoli has a ton of Vitamin C, and has been studied for its cancer-preventive properties, too!

Best way to eat? Steamed, or raw as a simple snack with a creamy, yogurt-based dip. Try making your own dip at home to reap the benefits of different flavors and spices you may like with your broccoli.

4)      Pineapple


Also known as the official fruit of summertime, there is no limit to the benefits of stocking up on pineapples (and pineapple juice) this season. This South American super fruit grows for almost 3 years before it is ready to be enjoyed. (Who knew?) Just make sure to eat it as soon as you pick it up from the grocery store! Pineapples are harvested only when they are ripe, which means that the longer you wait to eat this Vitamin C superstar, the faster it will go bad.

Best way to enjoy? Frozen, added to a breakfast smoothie or fresh in a delicious Vitamin-C filled citrus salad!

5)      Oranges


Orange juice would be nothing without the sweet, pulpy and slightly sour refreshing juice of this world-famous citrus fruit. Did you know that there are over 600 types of this sweet-smelling Vitamin C-rich fruit?

You’re probably familiar with oranges grown in Florida and California, the two states (apart from Hawaii) that boast the ideal climate and weather conditions for growing most citrus fruits. But don’t forget to enjoy the many other varieties of oranges, including blood oranges and tangerines, that are sure to give you the boost of Vitamin C you’ve been craving. Of course, be aware that citrus fruits such as these contain not only sugar, but citric acid that can affect the enamel of your teeth.

Best way to enjoy? Juiced, or as a healthy, juicy snack in between meals.

happy seniors

As we get older, our eating habits change. But remember, our body needs Vitamin C – so stock up on those fruits and veggies and reap the benefits!


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