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3 Reasons To Consider a Senior Roommate

3 Reasons To Consider a Senior Roommate | Euro-American Homecare

There are so many benefits to having a roommate, from college roomies that become your friends for life, to roommates you live with for months, even years of your life! But did you know that there has been a recent trend in seniors looking for roommates to live with in their homes?

Because of many reasons, many older adults either choose to or are forced to live alone.

Studies have shown that living alone not only contributes to social isolation, but has also been linked to rising depression in older adults. In light of the recent rise in senior cohousing, here are three reasons you should consider finding a roommate:

Financial burdens senior

  • Financial burdens

Everything seems more expensive these days-particularly the cost of rent and utilities. By finding a roommate to share the cost of housing you will not only be able to live more affordably, but regain a sense of financial freedom.

Security senior

  • Security

Having a roommate not only grants you companionship, but a helping hand that could assist you in case of an emergency. Knowing that someone is around can also lessen anxiety.

Friendship senior

  • Friendship

Making a new friend and developing a meaningful relationship with someone in general does wonders for not only our health, but state of mind. Having someone there to ask you, “How is your day going?”, or watch TV with will add more joy to your life.

Websites like will allow you to create a unique “roommate” profile that will match you with an individual with a similar background, shared interests and living preferences. You may consider rooming with someone you already know, as well, but think about this: sometimes a wonderful friend won’t make wonderful roommate.

As with any agreement, make sure you establish a list of roommate guidelines that you and your roommate will follow. It will not only allow you to list your preferred living conditions, personal habits and decide how to manage your home payments, but to get to know each other right off the bat. Being aware of each other’s medical situation is especially important in case of an emergency.


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