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Fun Activities for Seniors and Grandchildren

Friday, September 9, 2016 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Fun Activities for Seniors and Grandchildren | Euro-American Homecare

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The bond between a grandparent and their grandchild will always be a special one. In fact, studies have shown that intergenerational connections can be beneficial to both sides by improving their social skills, empathy, self esteem and character.

However, as much as a grandparent would like to spend time with their grandchildren, there may be limitations to the activities they can do together given a grandparent’s old age. Physical barriers will always impose restrictions on activities they can do together.

Although some grandparents may be limited to enjoying certain pastimes, it doesn’t make these activities any less fun.

Check out the list of activities below that, especially when done while sharing a good laugh, talk, hug and countless smiles.

Enjoy the great outdoors!

  • Gardening

Digging and planting can be an exciting activity for the kids, and a relaxing hobby for seniors. Gather small containers of soil and seeds to plant anything from flowers, fruits and even vegetables! Assign the kids to plant and water the seeds. As a crafty bonus, try taking photos of the plants as they grow to make into a special gardening scrapbook!

  • Nature Walk

A simple stroll in the park may be boring for some, but can be so special for kids and their grandparents. Every sound and sight during the walk can provide curious kids with a meaningful learning experience. They can also collect leaves, flowers or stones as mementos of the great time they had on their walk with grandma and grandpa.

  • Star Gazing

Who says the fun should stop after sunset? Lay out some blankets on the grass and enjoy the beauty of the night sky. Look up, watch the stars and who knows- you may even see a shooting star! (Don’t forget to make a wish!) You could also have an outdoor movie night. Just make sure to grab some blankets on chilly nights.

Game on!

  • Scavenger Hunt

Every kid loves a challenge. Prepare a scavenger hunt for the grandchildren and make a list of things they need to find, like an odly-shaped leaf, a colorful stone, a hug from grandma, etc.

  • Wii Tournaments

Who says grandparents and technology don’t go well together? Have games installed in your Wii that your kids and grandparents could enjoy. Games such as golfing, bowling and dancing are great options.

  • Karaoke Sing Along

You don’t need a karaoke machine for this activity. Thanks to karaoke videos on YouTube, you can easily put on a show for the whole family to enjoy! Just make sure that the song range will include some classic hits for your grandparents to enjoy.

Boggle the mind!

  • Puzzles

A little mind exercise can be both healthy and fun for all ages. There are countless age-appropriate puzzles available for children as young as 18 months. Grandparents can help their grandkids with them.

  • Card and Board games

Don’t get bored with board games! Kid-friendly card games and board games are a fun bonding activity for both parties, especially if it involves some friendly competition!

Something’s cookin’!

  • Bake cookies and eat them too

Kids definitely like to be included in ‘grown up’ activities—especially in the kitchen. Baking cookies is a memorable and fun bonding activity, from the measuring, mixing, waiting and of course- eating!

  • Decorate cupcakes or make your own ice cream sundaes!

Kids love to play with their food- so why not decorate some desserts together? Set up a friendly competition for the best decorated cupcake, and reward yourselves with the yummy treat afterwards.

Throwback to the good old days!

  • Look through old photo albums

Let your grandparents take a trip down memory lane by sharing stories through photos. It would also be interesting for the kids to see their parents’ baby books and childhood photos.



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