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Another Chance at Life: An Update On Our Work With The Forever In My Heart Foundation

Tuesday, March 19, 2019 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
Another Chance at Life: An Update On Our Work With The Forever In My Heart Foundation | Euro-American Homecare

Who doesn’t enjoy being in the company of a friendly dog? Research shows that pets are a source of valuable health benefits for seniors – both mentally and physically.

One person who can attest to this is our founder and CEO Maggie Drag, who recently became a board member of the Forever In My Heart Foundation, an organization committed to raising money for training therapy dogs.

Just as a caregiver can spark new interests and a newfound love for life in seniors, animals have a unique way of bringing positive energy into a person’s life. Over the years, and through many relationships with past clients and animal lovers, Maggie has witnessed just how special the relationships between a senior and their loyal pets can be.

The foundation is on a mission to help veterans connect with service dogs and companion dogs by funding costs required to train and care for the dog – all of which can cost over $10,000.

This past month, Euro American Connections and the Homecare and Forever In My Heart foundation organized a wine tasting event held at the Moonlight Café organized to raise funds for a little boy named Dave, who is disabled and cannot walk.

We are so proud to support such a noble and heartwarming cause that saves loving animals, and that brings joy and purpose to the disabled and veteran communities!

Thanks to their work, we can only imagine how great of an impact the Foundation will have on these individuals for years to come!

Click here to learn more about the Forever In My Heart Foundation!


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