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5 Best Christmas Ad Campaigns of 2016!

Saturday, December 24, 2016 - by Euro-American Connections & Homecare
5 Best Christmas Ad Campaigns of 2016! | Euro-American Homecare

When it comes to Christmas, we are always looking forward to watching the best commercials of all – holiday commercials! And it’s no coincidence that some of our favorite advertising campaigns featured seniors this holiday season.

Looking back, here are our five favorite Christmas advertisements and holiday ad campaigns that caught our eye (and not to mention our hearts). Some of them, like the Polish ad, “English for Beginners” by Allegro, for example, have even gone viral around the world thanks to social media. Check them out. We hope these ad campaigns will help you embrace these last fleeting moments of the holiday season.

Marks & Spencer’s “Mrs. Clause”

This visually stunning Christmas advertisement featured Mrs. Clause like you’ve never seen her before! After Santa Claus departs the North Pole on Christmas Eve, she takes on her own mission to deliver a special gift to a little boy looking to give his older sister the perfect pair of shoes.

The ad campaign even featured its own hashtag, #lovemrsclaus, for fans to spread their message about the “real” Mrs. Claus. See it below!

Allegro’s “English for Beginners”

WARNING: You may need to break out the tissues for this one…

Arguably the most shared, liked, and loved Christmas ad campaign of 2016, the creatives behind Polish auction website Allegro touched the hearts of audiences around the world.

The story begins in a small town in Poland, where an older man receives a special book and audio disc in the mail titled, “English for Beginners”. Day by day, he practices his English until he receives a suitcase in the mail, packs his things, and flies to England to meet his granddaughter for the first time. Watch this year’s most popular advertising campaign below!

Elkjop – “A Gift for Everyone”

This ad campaign by Swedish electronics stores Elkjop will restore your faith in endless friendship. A lonely older man who just lost his wife is visited by a friend during Hanukkah. He presents him with a Playstation 4, with two controllers, one for himself, and one for his friend. It seems like exactly the kind of gift the man was hoping for.

Amazon Prime – “A Priest and Imam”

This commercial may have nothing to do with Christmas – but it certainly spreads the most important message of the holiday seasons – the need for peace between people of different faiths.

After meeting to chat over a cup tea, a priest and an imam discover that they both suffer from knee pain as they stand up. Thanks to the magic behind Amazon Prime, they end up buying each other knee pads so they can pray and worship comfortably. Check out the advertising campaign below:

Lidl – “Coming Home”

The popular European grocery store tugged at the heartstrings of everyone that has lost a loved one recently. The ad centers around a family that, after losing their mother (who was also a loving grandmother), decide to host the holidays at their childhood home and surprise their grieving father and granddaddy with a very special Christmas. Watch the advertising campaign below:

Did you catch any of these ads anywhere this holiday season? Like it? Love it? Let us know and be sure to share our list of favorites with your friends.


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